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The core activities of A.NIKAS S.A. consist of the development, construction, manufacturing, conversion, sales and after-sales service of a wide range of mini buses and special vehicles.

From 1994 until today, we cooperate with Mercedes Benz to manufacture buses on the chassis of Sprinter & Vario.

A. NIKAS S.A places aspects such as quality, safety, durability, comfort, environment and low maintenance costs in high regard.

For after-sales service and maintenance, the client can count on rapid, hassle-free assistance from A. NIKAS S.A, without any delays or restrictions, as we have the most qualified staff, modern facilities and the latest equipment.

Finally, our permanent and large stock of spare parts and accessories ensures a timely delivery, as soon as possible.


ISO NIKAS smallAll our vehicles fully meet all European directives and legislation. We have a quality system ISO 9001 for the construction, repair and conversion of special vehicles, while at the same time we have a COC (Certificate of Conformity) for all minibuses we produce, as required by European legislation.

Our company is a certified partner of Mercedes Benz for converting Sprinter vehicles to all kinds of buses (tourist, personnel, disabled people, city etc.)


Flexibility, quality and ease of use are given just as much attention by A. NIKAS S.A as the use of sustainable materials and production using sustainable techniques.

The eco-friendly materials and the continuous product development used by our company, make minibuses an excellent choice for use in city centres, for tourists’ transportation from the airports and tourist transport in general, since, in comparison to traditional large buses, mini buses are more efficient, easy to use and cost-effective as far as purchase and maintenance are concerned .


After 40 years of a spectacularly successful presence in the field of buses, A. Nikas S.A, applying the most modern techniques and faithfully following the standards of foreign countries, precedes current trends and offers the customer exactly what they need.

All these factors are responsible for the company’s extremely successful recipe over the years and ensure an even more well-established presence in the future.

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travelwithstyleA.NIKAS & CO., focusing on manufacturing bodywork for city, intercity, touristic of 36-50 seats buses and double-decker vehicles, was founded in Athens in 1985. The company has since expanded its activities to include the construction of special vehicles and trucks, as well as trading in new and second- hand buses and spare parts.