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We are the first Greek company which specialized in the construction and conversion of mini buses (tourist, school, personnel, city, disabled people buses and special purpose vehicles).

Since our company disposes all the departments for the production and the construction of buses and special vehicles, we can provide support in the following areas:

  • A frame work department and forge
  • A paint workshop
  • An electrical workshop
  • Interior design
  • Spare parts

Our minibuses are considered some of the safest and most resistant minibuses in the market, something which is proved by the constant votes of confidence we enjoy by our customers over the years as well as by their high resale value.

The diligence of the construction, the use of appropriate materials, the introduction of specific groups, the consistency, the construction adaptability and the great service, have greatly contributed to the company A. Nikas S.A becoming a permanent partner of the largest companies in the industry and also, they have made demand for our products (buses) in foreign markets grow continuously.

Our goal is to provide the best possible service, always based on our excellent work quality, our affordable prices and our reasonable delivery time, factors which allow us to develop and maintain a long lasting relationship of trust with our customers.

We always have our eyes opened to the future, making sure to update in technical and communicative level and never stray from the fourfold 'Reliability'- Consistency - Safety - Quality' which we follow closely all these years, continuing our dynamic evolutionary way.

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Nikas Buses

travelwithstyleA.NIKAS & CO., focusing on manufacturing bodywork for city, intercity, touristic of 36-50 seats buses and double-decker vehicles, was founded in Athens in 1985. The company has since expanded its activities to include the construction of special vehicles and trucks, as well as trading in new and second- hand buses and spare parts.